3 Ways to Accelerate Success

Paulo Henrique S A Reply 12:30 PM

Whether we talk about business, finance or our career and life in general,  we are not going to skip certain steps as are the sacrifice, effort, consistent discipline , etc ... Nobody will remove Missed nights, daily learning hours and many head warming. 

3 Ways to Accelerate Success

If anything we know today is that some people succeed and others do not because people who are successful have been willing to make many uncomfortable things that have not been willing to make the people who ended up stumbling failures .

However, while we will not be able to avoid the path, it is true that we can find some shortcuts, which we will call accelerators success . 

1. Follow a model. 

The safest way to learn and accelerate success is to learn from someone who is already successful in the field you want to play. It often happens that in our environment, most are doing "what to do", and as a rule, we are doing the same. One thing is clear, and we are not going to be successful doing the same thing that people are doing that "battle" in the comfort zone.

So, if you do not have good role models, find someone who is the best in your field and try to emulate it. You do not have to reinvent the wheel or be too creative. Just learn from the best, copy to the best. 

Luckily, you do not need to travel to Wall Street or Silicon Valley to learn from Warren Buffett or Steve Jobs. Today, thanks to the biographies of these entrepreneurs we can get into the minds of these geniuses, know how they think and know what led them to success. In my opinion, there are some books that are better than attend college .

To give four examples:

2. Ask someone for help.

Except for some isolated case, no one achieves success alone. Ask someone to help you. Whatever you want in life, someone has already figured out how to get it. Even if you often hear the message "the best way to learn is based on mistakes", believe me, if someone can take some obstacles off the road, that is also a quick learning. 

If at some point we should stamp ourselves against a wall, so be it, but look for the wall to stamp us, it is not the right thing to do if someone can help us jump it.

If you find out how that person has done or she explains what you can do better and how, thanks to the experience that person has lived, you save time and pain. Especially time, which is the most valuable resource we have in this life.

First, find out how you can help that person and add value to your life. When a mentor chooses a protégé is because the protégé who has chosen, in one way or another, is adding value in some way. This way you are more likely to get help.

3. Follow the clues of success.

Success leaves clues. There are those who believe that it goes from zero to one billion overnight, but this never happens.

People who consistently succeed are undoubtedly doing something different to others. They have a strategy that works. They take a few steps in the right directions. They plant a type of seed that bears fruit later.

So you just have to plant those same seeds, and you'll probably end up picking up the same fruits.

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