5 Secrets of Productivity of Successful Personalities

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We always read blogs or hear news of how the most successful have achieved projects or goals that sound so incredible to believe. 

We all seek the secret solution to success and we are convinced that these extraordinary people must have had something special that drives them along that path, a path that from our perspective is simple since these people had the resources that we lack. 

5 Secrets of Productivity of Successful Personalities

The truth is that finding success is not a question of a single wonderful resource that appeared to us as magic mushrooms appear to Mario. 

If we try to get into the mind of a great entrepreneur, innovators, athletes or great celebrities we will find that they have developed certain habits and strategies that are a constant through years of work. These habits ensure they will have excellent results every day. 

In this post, I explain what those five secrets of productivity best kept that allow you to go level that you are currently the most advanced levels of your career. 

Secret # 1: Elevate Your Ambitions

Motivation is generated from ambition. Ambition is the spark that ignites the engine that drives you to be motivated every day. Successful and productive people have high levels of motivation. 

Everything is related and interconnected: When your ambition goes down and stays in a flat line, your motivation goes down, when your motivation decays your life energy decays and when your life energy decays you avoid doing the work necessary to excel. You dedicate yourself to doing only the necessary, "maintenance" tasks in your life. 

Your productivity is directly related to your motivation and your ambitions. If you think you should be doing a lot of things but you are not doing them, chances are you have not found the connection or you are not clear about your ambitions. 

Ambition is the biggest fire you can have.

"We can fool ourselves into doing more things for a while, yet without the right motivation we stop doing them."

People who have succeeded are productive more consistently and effectively than other people because everything they do is done for long periods of time and not just for a couple of weeks. 

It is not that they are the most intelligent people, they have been consistent in producing results and in this way they manage to reap the benefits resulting from their great ambitions and consistency. 

Most people fail to be productive because they limit their ambitions, they are more concerned with what other people think. You do not need the permission, nor the support or the power of other people to achieve your greatest ambitions. 

To be more productive and constant in the day to day you need to re-connect with that ambition. That connection is what guides your daily actions. 

There is a great differentiator between successful and unsuccessful people. The unsuccessful people say, " do not know how to do this " and give up. When a successful person does not know how to do something, blocks time from their days to study, try, get mentors until they understand. Until you conquer it. 

Exercise # 1: Find your productive power. What do you really want for the next level of your personal and professional success? Connect with it. Let that ambition be the gasoline that gives you energy to keep going, let it change you and become part of yourself. 

Secret # 2: Owning your Mornings

If your mornings begin in chaos and react to your environment the rest of your days will be controlled by conformism and reaction. The way you start your trip counts. 

86% of people who have a smartphone take their cell phone and check their mail, Facebook, twitter or other applications when they wake up. They initiate in reactive mode, letting the demands of the world control their actions. If you are of these people and you think that it does not affect you at all, it is very possible that you are not completely aware of the repercussions and the cost that this bad habit has in your life. 

Time goes on, our behavior becomes part of our character and throughout our lives we develop a reactive attitude. 

You lose control of your day if you do not have control of your mornings. When you let things happen by their very nature and fail to take control of your days, that is mediocrity. It is more comfortable to let others dictate your priorities and not take responsibility for them. 

However, if you incorporate productive habits during the day you will see great results. You gain 30% more productivity if you do not check your mail in the first 60 minutes of the day. 

Exercise # 2: Take control of your schedule and mentality, you own your days. 

  1. Get up, take a shower, eat healthy, do a stretching routine, read something that develops your character, listening to a motivational audio 
  2. Turn your body, your energy rises when you activate your body and recover better manage the problems Do a physical activity Do yoga, work on your breathing. 
  3. Define your intentions and exactly where you are going to work in the day. The human mind is governed by goals and limits. 

Mind Secrets Exposed

Secret # 3: Move your Key Pieces

Your job is to learn which things are most important and keep away all things that are not. This is the 80/20 principle. 

Usually, 20% of the things people do is really what matters and 80% invest it in just seeing what else there is. Convinced that they are excellent at multitasking one thing here and another over there. 

It becomes a bigger problem when you have a team, it is very likely that your team wants to contribute with all the talent they have. It is very easy to accept things from other people. Your job as a leader and a high performance person is to coach your team and teach them which is the most important and which are the most important pieces to move. 

This was what Steve Jobs did when he returned to Apple, the first thing he did was to eliminate the whole plan and focus on the 4-8 products that would be key to Apple's return as a technology benchmark. This was a critical step and of great impact for the brand. 

In your case, you need to clear what those 5 key pieces in your business that you are getting the greatest results and you will reach your goals faster. Most people have no idea what the key pieces in their business are. 

When defining which are those key pieces, prioritizes by impact and not by facility. If you start the day by erasing the easiest tasks from your list you will have the feeling that things are moving forward. However, it is my experience that easy things do not matter, difficult things, those that cause us more discomfort are those that have the greatest impact in the long run. 

Exercise # 3: Determine your 5 Key pieces

What are those activities you need to do in your business that you will have a greater impact on your results? 

You can contact your network of friends and acquaintances to tell them about your company. It may be to organize an open exhibition or conference to find potential clients. It can be to upgrade your equipment and ensure efficiency in your processes. It might be necessary to get financing for that new idea . 

Make sure you work on those key pieces, which will have the greatest impact on your future and your vision. 

Do you want to know powerful techniques to prioritize your time? Access: How to Get More Done in Less Time

Secret # 4: Show, Then Delegate

We all have strengths and weaknesses. When it comes to weaknesses, we usually tend to shy away from these because they make us feel uncomfortable, clumsy and frustrated. 

We dream of having a great team to delegate all those tasks that are tedious for us. However what we end up delegating is ease and not impact. 

Many times we delegate tasks that even we ourselves are not clear if they bring an impact to our organization. We do not know what it is or what it is for. 

Before we can delegate we need to understand our own processes and systems before transferring responsibility to someone else. How can you manage something you've never understood? 

Demonstrate, demonstrate what is the best way to do things and what is the impact it has on your organization. Then delegate. 

Those people who have not mastered the skills they need to be successful fail. When you are starting out, you need to learn the skills that will take you to the next level. 

Seth Godin in his book "Manage your day to day", he tells of a subject that is very critical and important and that many creative and innovative minds fail to master the sale. 

"The first part to master your days is to practice a solid daily routine. The second part, which I think is critical, is to understand that being creative means you have to sell your ideas. Selling is part of your profession because if you do not sell no creation. " 

Exercise # 4: What are those skills that have refused to believe you master that are not within your capabilities?

Secret # 5: Uses Performance Enhancers

High-performance executives use performance-enhancing techniques that directly affect their bottom line. Here are the 5 best performance intensifiers most measured in all productivity studies.

  • Sleeping: If you do not sleep 8 hours every day, it is very likely to also verify your phone in the morning. There are 50 years of studies on the science of sleep. It has been concluded that a person who sleeps less than 7 hours a day suffers great losses in their abilities, both in their competences and in the ability to make decisions. After 10 days of sleeping only 6 hours a day, cognitive abilities decay, memory fails, their relationship skills fall. By day 10 studies have shown that the person has a state equivalent to a person in a state of intoxication.
  • Meditate: Meditation low stress levels, puts your mind in a state in which it is easier to access creative phases and think big, help your ability to connect with your ambition and vision.
  • Practice recovery transitions: When you finish a big business or a large and important project, you need time to recover. Athletes know this, after a rigorous workout, they know they have to give their body time to recover, repair the tissues and strengthen muscles in preparation for the next phase. We forget the importance that this element plays in our creative ability. We need times of transition.
  • Plan: Most people do not plan anything, just get carried away. Plan your days, this is your great secret weapon.
  • Team: Creates a competent team to help you achieve your greatest goals.

In addition, nourish your body properly, exercise and take supplements specific to your needs. 

As you can see, success is not achieved by installing an app or buying the most powerful computer. The secret of the most successful is consistency in their good practices. 

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