The 10 Most Profitable Small Business in the United States

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List of 10 most profitable business opportunities for small businesses that are also profitable in Spain or South American countries. The list comes from a Forbes article I found recently and whose approach has seemed very interesting. It is based on the study of the profitability of several activities during 10 years (from 2000 to 2009), which gives more reliability to cover times of diverse economic situations.

The 10 Most Profitable Small Business in the United States

Top 10 Most Profitable Businesses:

Top 10 Most Profitable Businesses

Private Health

It is interesting to mention that 4 of the 10 most profitable small businesses are medical or paramedical activities. One of the great differences between Spain and the United States is the health system. There the health issue is almost exclusively private, while in this country a public organization is financed through taxes, the use of which is then free regardless of frequency of use.

Having access to a public system that until now was functioning relatively well, the percentage of people who went to private health was relatively low. With the crisis this percentage has decreased substantially. However, the state of public finances and predictable cuts make it very difficult to predict the future of the private sector. If a repayment system (poor copayment) is established and the terms of service deteriorate (some are already very long), many middle-class people may come to the conclusion that it is better to hire private coverage.

For some professions not covered by the public health system, such as dentists, the business can be profitable provided there is no saturation of professionals, as has happened in recent times.

In any case, the medical business is an underlying trend , by demographic factors.

Financial Services

The other group very well represented in this list is that of financial services, with 4 businesses within the top 10. It is not a sector outside the crisis but many of these professions have good guarantees to stay. For example, an accountant usually works for companies of a certain size, since the obligation to have audited accounting is only applicable to companies with more than 50 employees, more than € 5,700,000 of billing among other criteria. These companies tend to withstand the crisis better, so the client base for the auditor is not so affected.

In the same way, accounting or tax consulting services are always needed, although as the number of SMEs decreases, the turnover of the branches is going down somewhat.

Funding companies that operate outside the big banks (banks and savings banks) even have a great business opportunity in crisis, since with such a rare credit the demand is greater and those who need financing are willing to pay plus.

Rental of Premises and Storage Rooms

They are two totally different things. It is clear that in Spain, the rental of premises does not go through its best moment, like any real estate activity, because of the collective madness of the housing bubble. However, the concept of renting storage rooms in free disposal has been a notable success, and is a service that still has development potential. Many older homes do not have their own storeroom, or even when they are often full, so having access to a small storage space for little money per month is a good option.

Before launching your project, do not forget to prepare your business plan.

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